Friday, September 7, 2007

A Word to the Wise...

As I try to type in my slightly hazy state of mind let me give some tips to all the students reading this.
If you are a high school student do not try to rush ahead and grow up to fast. Mature, but do not long to be an adult. For those considering PSEO ease into it and be realistic about how many credits you can handle. The majority of college classes are much more challenging than the equivalent in high school requiring more homework time and responsibility.
For anyone entering college and holding down a job at the same time make sure you have an understanding boss that will let you change your schedule at the last moment. To prevent from having to do this, set your school schedule up as soon as you can and try not to switch classes during the first week. Try to take some time off the week before school starts to enjoy rest and relaxation before the fury of school kicks off. Make sure you have access to all college sites (registration site, email, class sites, etc) at least a week before school starts. Buy your books early. Before the first day of your class see if you have access to the syllabus online. If you do read through it and get a head start on homework. Your teacher will be impressed if you have the first few chapters read and you know what you're talking about during the first class. Show up early to your class and choose a seat in the first two rows. You will have a better line of vision, pay attention better, and have easier interaction with the professor. The night before your first day, set out your outfit, shoes, accessories, and fully packed backpack to grab on the way out the door. Plan to wear a comfortable outfit with sturdy shoe whenever you will be traveling around your campus. If you plan ahead and are prepared you just might not have to pull an all-nighter to get ready for your second day of class.
I'll let you know any other ways you can learn from my mistakes as I get farther into the semester. One last thing, during classes is a popular time for the lawn to be watered. Watch where you sit and know all the ways around campus or just add a bottle of shampoo to your 50 pound backpack.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fall is here??

When I think of how fast a summer flies I am reminded of the brevity of life. As a student I sometimes feel it will be an eternity until I graduate and will be independent, but then I think how can I be this old. One thing I have been struggling with lately is where to place my priorities. I am a student. That is my job in life right now. I also have a job which required to work 7 days in a row, take a day off, then work 9 days in a row. Church needs to be a big commitment for me so I can get spiritually recharged and encouraged. I also have family, friends, and a life of my own. While I am still a "kid" I want to enjoy the time I have. Balance is needed but oh so hard to find.

I mentioned school so I'll let you know what I'm up to. I will be taking 16 credits through two different colleges. I am taking Composition 1, Principles of Microeconomics, Chemistry, and Mass Communication and Society. After some frustrations and confusion I now have my class schedule set. It was amazing to see how God opened and closed different doors. I know that I will be really stretched this semester trying to keep up with school work and my job. As I went off to my first day of school I experienced the feeling of being the new girl, starting a new school, not knowing anyone (well only one student I haven't seen yet), and getting lost between each class. After being home schooled through school, this experiences which may seem normal to you, were a brand new adventure. I've found the one disadvantage of homeschooling is that I am timid to blurt out question or answer in a class. Now that I have teachers that grade partially on class participation I will have to work on that. I am also getting accustomed to attending a liberal, Catholic school. It is hard to determine where the professors' values stand.

Now that I have sufficiently rambled about school and work, lets see if there are any other interesting sides of my life. I will be a 5th grade girls small group leader for Sunday school at my church this year. I was able to go to the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" (aka. the state fair) this year where anything and everything can be found deep-fried on a stick. Since Minnesotans are good potluck Lutherans, the fair premiered "Hot Dish on a Stick." Unfortunately I was not adventurous and had nothing on a stick but had a great chocolate malt. I was there with a friend on Sunday: Sunday + Labor day weekend + MN fair = packed/massive crowds. One word of advice for fair goers: visit the fair during the first few days, the later it gets the fuller, dirtier, smellier, greasier, crankier, and brownier (does that work for "the grass died and disappeared"??) the fair grounds get. I did enjoy giving blood to the Red Cross for the first time on the bloodmobile they had stationed. there. My dad does all the electrical maintenance for the Red Cross Blood Services including their bloodmobiles. Once the staff found out who my dad was I was the center of attention as they tried to get the inside scoop on him. For anyone who has never given blood I highly recommend doing it. You must be 17 and healthy. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes for them to go over your health history and current health. Actually giving the blood takes about 10 minutes and is completely painless after you get through the initial pin prick. So there is my advertising for the night. I must close tonight before I end up doing an all nighter the first week of school but I will try to be back again soon.