Saturday, April 5, 2008

Senior Year

Yes, I know, 6 months between posts is unacceptable but it's my senior year. What can I say?? To give you an idea of what my life has been like and why I have not been able to post I decided to give you the top ten reasons you can know someone is a senior.

10. The individual can only be reached by cell phone.
9. If you want to have lunch, they're scheduled a month or more out.
8. Their eyes are always blood shot and they can take naps any time any where like an 18 month old instead of an 18 year old.
7. Attendance to any non school or work activity is sporadic at best.
6. They are never seen without a 40 pound back pack on fill with text books and homework.
5. They are never in bed before midnight and they would pay for a chance to sleep in.
4. They have a memorized response for any question related to: where are you going to college, what will you major in, have you decided yet, and what will you do with your life?
3. Their life is depending of FAFSA.
2. They have senior moments, also know as memory lapses from an overload of information, just like their grandparents who are also experiencing senior moments.
1. The voice mail on their phone includes some form of "Don't ask me where I'm going to school, I haven't decided, and no I don't know when I will decide."

To all my senior friends out there, a month and a half to go! To those post high school, I hope this brings back fun memories :) And to those who have not experienced their senior year yet, you can imagine it till you actually experience it so get ready...