Friday, March 16, 2007

Thoughts as Another Birthday Passes

As I ponder the recent passing of another birthday, I thought I would share some of my new found knowledge gained with each passing year. I recently wrote the poem below as I thought of the passing of time. I was inspired by a speech I gave in my public speaking class on Carolyn Arrends' song "Seize the Day" and Pastor John Piper's book "Don't Waste Your Life."

One other bit of wisdom, if you ever plan a surprise birthday party for someone and you pick them up from work, triple check to make sure they have a change of clothing and will not be stuck in a uniform during the party.

The Sand of Time

What will I say of my life when I am old?
Will I be looked upon as forlorn,
or will I have fallen into society's mold?
What will be used in my life to adorn?
All that time is are grains of sand,
to what can they compare?
They quickly slip from my hands,
to recapture one is ever so rare.
I only get one chance to live each day,
will I make it one full of delight?
So come whatever may,
come with the light at the end of the night.
How will my life pass?
How fast will the sand empty from my hourglass?

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