Saturday, April 14, 2007

All in a days work

Work can be fun and encouraging or it can be stressful and draining. I've worked 17 hours since Thursday and another 4 1/2 on Monday which may not seem like much but is about double the hours for me. So, I'm going share some lessons I learned and revelations I had while standing in a skyway for 3 hours.

1. Not all hospitals validate parking. Don't badger staff when they say that they can't validate your parking ticket it's because they don't have a stamp.

2. When all else is quiet, heating systems can be extremely loud and a footstep can be heard from down the hall and around the corner. Silence can be great for thinking but too much can force you to talk to yourself or wave at security cameras.

3. Yes, greeters do have to stand for long periods of time and asking them why they cannot sit down and saying they should complain to their boss doesn't help the greeter to feel any better.

4. When someone comes up to you and says that they broke their finger last night, wrapped it in scotch tape, are just coming into the ER, starts to call you 'sis,' and says that they 'saw the stars' when their finger broke you have the right to feel afraid, very afraid.

5. Having the president of a company wander around the building throughout the day will put employees on edge. Besides creating more stress, this will improve productivity and perfectionism.

6. Mistakes happen to everyone and they aren't the messenger's fault. Be patient and accept a sincere apology. The messenger normally knows just as much as you.

7. If you ever buy uniforms, show kindness to your employees and don't get anything made of polyester. It traps the cold, winter wind and the hot, summer sun inside.

8. Be ready with small talk to discuss with cashiers, greeters, receptionists, and anyone else you briefly interact with. They've already asked others about today's weather 40 times.

9. Whenever you have a doctor's appointment at an office within a medical complex know: the doctor's name, the doctor's specialty, the name of the clinic, the address of the clinic, the name of the building it's in, the closest parking ramp, and why you are seeing the doctor in lay terms. Also, arrive with plenty of time to spare so you can get lost five times before getting the right directions.

10. When interacting with workers who serve you (receptionists, greeters, customer service representatives, cashiers, waiters, etc.) show your thanks and appreciation. They are not at a lower social standing because of their job position. Be polite and patient. The best way to show appreciation, encourage them, and receive better service is to use their name while interacting with them and thank them by name. You can brighten anyone's day up by simply showing them that they are an individual person with their own name.

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