Sunday, April 29, 2007

Contentness in Singleness

During the sermon today my pastor spoke on singleness. He focused on the blessing a single person get from spending their life passionately following Christ and spreading a passion for him to others around them. The joy of having a child in Christ as a fellow believer is far greater than marriage and children of your own. It was a good reminder to me to stay content in whatever stage of life I am in at the time. A poem I wrote several months ago came to my mind as I thought on this topic. This is a free verse poem that talks about my promise ring and my resolve to not only remain pure but to also save my heart for my future husband if that is God's will or to save it for service to my King.

The Garden Wall

The ring sits, sparkling on my finger,
like a wall around the garden of my heart.
Placed on my left hand as a symbol,
the symbol of love but of a special kind.

The diamonds and sapphire, sit in splendor,
like a riot of blossoms giving a glimpse of my heart.

Only one will see behind that wall,
only one will behold the riches inside.

Inside the wall lies my heart in waiting,
and from it flows the spring of my life.
Inside the wall lies my first kiss in waiting,
saved for the one and given at the altar.

The garden is closed for the time,
to all but the gardener, the one who
created it and fuels the spring.

Until the day one is granted the right to enter,
my love is solely for the gardener.
My life is His to weed out imperfections.
and to fertilize new hope and joy.

My love is here in the garden,
waiting for the one
with the right to enter.

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