Monday, April 23, 2007

A story of my life - Part 1

Last month for my literature class we had to write about a character then put that character in a conflict. I'll post the character part here and give the story in a day or so. Names and some details have been changed. Some of the minor characters do exist but some are fictional. This struggle Leah, the main character, will go through is a struggle I'm have been through. Leah has found the simple answer but it is never as easy in real life as on paper so I am still searching for my own answer to the problem.

The Character

The people who knew Leah would say that she is nice but no one really knew who she was. Leah was a junior in high school who was trying to find her place in life. She was quiet and reserved around her peers and would often get lost in the background. When around adults Leah would enter her comfort zone and flourish but how can a teenager become friends with an adult? She considered herself to be average looking, not the prettiest but not ugly. She didn't dress in the most fashionable or colorful clothing but always looked nice and professional. While at youth group some kids would ask her if she was a leader and almost everyone else thought she had to be a senior because of the maturity in her actions. When at work she was often identified as twenty or twenty-two instead of her sixteen, going on seventeen years. A perfectionist like her father and grandfather, Leah always did the best she could in school and maintained high grades in order to get scholarships for college. She had wanted to be a nurse most of her life and was focused on achieving that goal so she could travel the world helping others. Leah often thought about her future. Would she ever find someone who would love her for who she was? Would her life have a purpose? Could she make a difference in her world? Would she ever be able to say that she had friends? Leah loved being around people and worked with the children at her church as much as she could. At work Leah also worked with people helping them with directions and answering questions and complaints. She loved what she did but it was also draining on her to always deal with angry and stressed out customers. Leah spent much of her free time pouring over her piano where her emotions came though the music and she was able to escape the realities of life if only for a little while. Leah's one friend was also a source of comfort and encouragement. When around Krista, Leah became a totally different person. Krista was one of the few people who could make Leah relax and act her true self – fun loving, a little crazy at times.

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